A Chat with Newland Supply Co.

Outdoors, Camping and Newland | With Will & Joe

1. What's your best travel or outdoor memory from growing up?

Will: We spent most of our time as kids climbing trees, building dens and riding bikes in the woods and fields around our village. And we were both in Cub Scouts and Beavers. This is definitely where we got our bug for camping and the outdoors which has always been a huge part of our life.

Joe: As teenagers, we’d get the train down to Cornwall to camp and surf so we have lots of great memories from the West Country.

2. Do you have any big trips lined up, If so whereabouts and what's the plan?

Joe: The next trip is down to Cornwall in a couple of weeks. Both of our girlfriends love the outdoors too so the 4 of us will head to somewhere around Sennen Cove or the Lizard for some camping, surfing and to shoot some of our new products with our good friend Harry Fricker.

Will: We’re really keen to get up to Scotland in the not too distant future. We've heard a lot about the Bothy's from our good friend Alec of Trakke and we're really keen to check some out. It will hopefully make winter camping a bit more comfortable too!

2. What are your favourite bits of kit that are always in your camping bag at the moment?

Joe: I must admit our Convoy Pack is a bit of a life saver. Mine’s normally got a few essential bits of kit like head torch, playing cards, pocket knife, wallet, map. I’m quite good at losing stuff so knowing everything is in one place is super handy!

Will: A camping trip is not a camping trip without a hot toddy or Irish coffee! So a Stanley thermos & hip flask and of course Rise Outdoors enamel mug were the dream when we went on a trip to the Lake District in September. Our favourite tool would have to be an Opinel No.8 knife which is an ideal little camp knife… maybe a few plasters too.

3. What's the best meal you have ever eaten in the great outdoors? Or any favourite snacks for carrying on adventures?

Joe: We have a favourite camp spot in the South Downs on a dairy farm with a small river running through it. We went a couple of times through the summer with a big group of friends. You can catch trout in the river, or float down it in an inner tube and Charlie, the owner, brings that day’s fresh milk around in the morning. Last time we were there we went to the local farm shop and bought some Scottish salmon fillets. We wrapped them in foil with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, courgette, a slice of lemon and a few spices and then cooked them in the embers of the fire. It's super simple and takes less than 10 minutes, but delicious.

4. What is your favourite Instagram account that you're following at the moment?

Joe: There’s so many! Feeds with cool campers are always great, things like @therollinghome @tinyhometinyfootprint and @projectvanlife .

5. Which blog do you read most for inspiration?

Will: I love checking out the articles and reviews on Gear Junkie.

Joe: I find myself browsing the Huckberry journal a lot, and all the awesome products on there. And Terusu, I love that site.

6. What would be your wilderness/desert island book of choice?

Joe: Rather typically I’m a big fan of Jon Krakauer. I also read ‘Fire Season: Field Notes from a Wilderness Lookout’ by Phillip Connors quite recently. For nearly a decade he’s spent half of the year living in a lookout tower in New Mexico with only his dog for company. It’s a really interesting read about the wilderness, the powers of nature and the pleasures of solitude.

7. So what’s the story behind the brand?

Joe: The name comes from Newlands Lane which is a quiet road in the village where we grew up, and it’s still where we base most of our business and activities now.

Will: As the brand’s developed and grown we’ve had lots of big ideas but have actually found that keeping things simple and close to home has really worked for us. Like the Oaks and Embers video, we had a few concepts in mind & locations all around the country but in the end we filmed in our garden shed and in the woods down the road and we couldn’t have been happier with the result. It all just felt a lot closer to what we’re all about.

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