A chat with Nick Corkill

Surf and Underwater Photographer | Nick Corkill

1. First tell us a bit about yourself, what you do and what got you started on photography and underwater/surf photography?

I have spent my adult life pursuing many different interests and looking for the next adventure. This has led me to travel the world working above and below the oceans and knocking up the air miles to qualm my wanderlust.

After 7 years in the Royal Navy I pursued a career in dive instruction which took me to working on super-yachts which is one way to see how the other 1% live. It was lacking too much meaning for me, however, it amounted to some interesting times traveling around the coasts of the stereotypical rich-man's playgrounds.

Following a short stint in the west country running a family pub next to one of Devon's best south coast surf spots I packed my bags (again!) and moved to Australia to pursue a career in underwater videography and commercial diving eventually becoming a safety diver for James Cameron's 'Deep Sea Challenger' exploration.

It's been during these adventures, traveling, that I discovered a passion for photography, recording people and places around the globe. Now, based back in the south west of the UK I particularly enjoy documentary photography, and building stories and reasons around the shots I take.

2. We would love to hear a bit more about your recent trip to Norway?

So the Norway trip was organised by surf photographer / environmentalist , Tim Nunn. He runs ‘Adventure Surf photography’ workshops specialising in cold water, remote locations. Norway is a crazy beautiful place, especially up in the Arctic! I went with 3 surfers who basically ‘modeled’ for me for 5 days. The surf is world class and coupling that with the biblical surroundings - it's pure love.

3. What's your best travel or outdoor memory from growing up?

I used to go to Majorca with my parents when I was a kid. I remember my dad used to take me down to the dock to watch the divers going out on the boat, I used to look at them like they were Astronauts! Completely in awe! I kinda knew then that I wanted my life to revolve around the ocean

4. Do you have any big trips lined up, If so whereabouts and what's the plan?

At the moment I have a trip to Ireland planned with the same guys I went to Norway with! They go annually so I feel very privileged when they asked me to come along. Plan....umm I guess it will be to document the trip as much as I can.

5. What are your favourite bits of kit that are always in your kit bag at the moment? 

At the moment it's probably my KNEKT trigger and dome port for my GoPro

6. What's the best meal you have ever eaten in the great outdoors? Or any favourite snacks for carrying on adventures?

Easily the Nescafe coffee sachets! Sooo good after a long time in the water! Hot and sugary!

7. What is your favourite Instagram account that you're following at the moment?
Jeezz.... So many! @benjacksonphoto has just popped into my head so we’ll go for him!

8. Which blog do you read most for inspiration?

Jimmy’s Ice Coffee - No comparison on those guys journey.

9. What would be your wilderness/desert island book of choice?