About us

We are a brother and sister who grew up in the outdoors: climbing trees in the countryside, camping in the south of France and skiing in the Alps. In our adult lives we've gone on to travel and live in Latin America and Canada, hiking, camping and skiing throughout.

We know what we want from our apparel and gear, high quality, ethical and good-looking kit, but we were struggling to find somewhere in the UK to buy it. That's why we founded Rise Outdoors.

We know there's an epic outdoor scene in North America, but we think it's about time us lot in the UK established our scene in its own right, you guys deserve the best kit so we're going to bring it to you. 

Sustainability is really important to us so we strive to stock the most ethical and high-quality products, stuff that won't break after one use. We carefully select brands with interesting environmental initiatives such as Sitka from Vancouver Island, independent British retailers with ethical production methods such as WDN and Pennine Outdoors. 

Our vintage range is hand picked with some outdoor style classics which have lasted for decades such as Patagonia Snap-T Fleeces and thick woollen shirts made in Italy.

As we expand the shop we hope to support innovative start-ups and local artists and craftspeople.

We love hearing about your adventures in the UK and beyond, and about any ideas you might have for our shop so hit us up via email or using the hashtags #riseoutdoors and #riseviews.

Jack & Amelia